Ripped Away


My heart is spilling out

like the tears on my face,

there is so much doubt

because of all this space.

I used to always pray for you

then soon enough i gave up,

and i hoped you did too 

like love never even existed.

there you were

so close infront of me,

i held you in my arms 

as our hearts grew together.

love created our bond

but now your being ripped away,

i cry out to the night

and all the pain comes rushing in.

i melt as my walls fade

crashing to the ground

with you six feet under

why did you go

why was it you that got ripped away,

no longer will you be there

feeling the force of incomplete.

my eyes slowly open

and you're in the distance

fading like my vision.

my fragile arms reach out 

but only sqeezing a rough pillow,

tears still run down,

doubts growing stronger,

hope becoming weaker, 

while i watch you. . .

slowly being ripped away.



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