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I close my eyes Feel the wet grass beneath my splayed body His hands all over my shrinking frame Hoping if I fade away enough I will be too small And he will leave me be So I lie there
ever the Gentleman you grabbed me by the hair and took me to That Place Locked away and Scared you Threw me on the bed bound my arms and legs and forced yourself Inside.
He clings to me wrapping his long bony talons around my twitching ankle   He climbs my trembling body scaling five feet six inches to sigh
I can't sleep. I feel the pressure of you around me. Inside me. Nothing hurts more than forced consent. Do you feel that? Me trying to escape from under you. Do you hear that? My plea for help.
fears spread far and wide personal fears are ones we cannot hide   my fear was relationships  
dear boy, tattooed over the heart of every girl are words that read thus: "handle with care" don't bore holes into her skin with your penile eyes: she's more to admire than trips to cloud nine
  I’ve been beaten down by society, Jumped by depression and anxiety, Dragged into poverty, And rejected by happiness, Yet I still smile.  
That night you hurt me. That night you took my innocence  That night you made my worst nighmare become reality That night you destroyed my emotions That night you damaged me
The day I was raped.  I told no one, He was a brother in blue.  I was asked what was I wearing. That question still hunts me.  They never asked if I said no,  So the second time I was raped.
HushMy faultHushI could have stopped itHushI wanted itHushNobody will believe meHushHe didn’t know it was wrongHushHe said he was sorryHush
Angels wept the night he took me, From where I lay helpless on the ground I thought I could hear them.  No one told me it would be okay, for long long after that day, Many looked but few ever stayed to see.
For the man who raped me,  It was summer, crisp air, and Texas heat.
Dear Society, Why? Why do you do this? Hate. Why… Why do you hate?   Why choose to let difference divide you?
I don’t know when I lost you.. It was way before the rape.. Way before the abuse.. Don’t think I had you to begin with.. I used to think I was watching you fade away..
Dear You, I remember the night so clearly. Regardless of the tiny little pill you dropped in my drink I cannot seem to forget. I see the scared adolescent girl,
Dear girl from class, I promise not to take to long I just want to tell you a few things..To the girl who cried in class todaywhen we talked about rape.
Dear George... Today I had to listen to the words. "I'm sorry but we can't prove it beyond reasonable doubt."
Rape isn't always dark alleysand whistles and pepper spray.It isn't alwaysa stranger,they do
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