My Smile Remains


I’ve been beaten down by society,

Jumped by depression and anxiety,

Dragged into poverty,

And rejected by happiness,

Yet I still smile.


I’m kept awaken by insomnia,

While drowning in my tears,

Where the thing pulling me down is myself,

And the air I crave is hope.


In hope that this pain in my heart will die,

That my eyes will dry and no longer cry,

In hopes that my happiness will arrive;

And i’ll actually allow myself to reach it.


I’ve been raped too many times,

Yet no one pays for their crimes,

But i’m expected to be okay,

Feeling fear everyday,

They treat me like a game they can play,

Then throw me away.


Yet through all this pain,

Throughout all this torture,

Past all the hurt that I face,

And being too scared to make a case,

Past the tears in my years that I list,

And the cuts on my wrist..

My smile still remains.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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