a letter

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Don't be naive bro Peace only comes through salvation Everything else is a delusion.   Your task masters have only one mission - to steal, kill and destroy.
Dear Lost Love,   I am starting with the fact I am sorry for my past behaviors. For some time, I lost myself and god my savior. I realize the way I acted was not right; I lost all goals and insight.
To My Aries, Perhaps I have been experiencing a wavering faith. I want to blame someone for the mess I am in. God. The Devil. Someone. Anyone. I have come to the realization that I can only blame myself.
Dear Author, Your book brings me joy and this isn't just a ploy. It is by far the best and I am utterly impressed. I would like to thank you for making these characters.
When I was little I luxuriated in you Let your legs carry me up trees and into castles Past fire breathing dragons And over sidewalk chalk You danced me in ballet class With my head held high
Dear Blackberry,   When I first met you, You were bigger than me. A father's first gift to his newborn child. In my earliest memories, you're right there with me: Playing with you,
Dear My Beloved Copy, I cannot recall the day that you came into my life that well anymore (I guess I am a bad mother) But I can remember is the complete euphoria of cracking your spine for the first time
Dear Mr. Salvador Dalí,   You were onto something. People think you were on something. I think you get it better than any of us can.
Dear Sherry,  
Dear boy who left too soon,   I often ask myself why— wondering if it was something I said or something I did that made you feel as though you weren’t enough,
To the curious individuals like myself, yearning to discover something new each day:   Elongated lines stretching in the palms of my hand augmenting like the roots leading to the stem of a plant
Dear past, present, and future Self, you are living in a glass cylinder: Society. It warps your vision,
Dear Mommy, I made new friends at lunch today. I shared all of my snacks with them.   Dear Mommy, Another girl took my seat at lunch. My friends invited her.
Dear ED, or should I call you by your real name? Anorexia. Oh, how far we go back. I have written this letter in my head hundreds of times to you but I've never had the guts... (Ha! the irony)
hello. let me say one more thing before i go. i am a twin, a friend, a daughter, a believer, a writer  and an artist... but you do not know me. hello.
i wanted to buy you flowers today, i was going to drive to an actual flower shop, not walmart, i was going to pick either the prettiest flower or tulips. red and yellow ones. 
Hi Clay!! Its Nia.  
Dear silence, You are a cocoon of safety Back of the classroom buddy, Providing a warm blanket of anonymity   For no one can remember your name,
Dear Nana,  
Dear Childhood, I had been  wrapped In your warm, comforting arms For seventeen years But then, as the minutes ticked away to midnight I felt your grip loosen as you prepared
Dear Former Best Friend,   How are you? I often wonder how you are doing, But I never have to courage to ask Our friends.  
As you drive towards your next destination. You leave me in your dust. To rebuild. To recreate. To restart.
Dear future roommate,  
To the girl with the beautiful soul,  
Dear Me, I know it hurts right now, The pain in your eyes grow as you look up at me and ask,"how?" One more step I say, You stand slowly and continue on towards nowhere, 
Dear ALD,    Why do you decide to take lives?     Is it fun to tear apart families?     Is it fun for you to cause so much pain and suffering?     I never thought a little gene like you could change my whole life.
Dear Future Self,You already know how I’m feeling. You already know what I’m thinking. You already know what I’m doing. You already know what I’m saying.
Dear mother, I know you don't wanna hear it You've made it clear a thousand times but you know mom I fear it, I fear the cycle, the turning wheel, the parallels I've drawn,
Dear Briana Me and you, we haven’t spoken Not in a long time How are things? Do you get along with your sister? Are you still scared of the dark?
To: My Heartbreaker I've had a lot on my mind, and if I hold it in any more,I think I'm going to burst.You don't know this but
Dear Rye,   There are a lot of things swirling inside you Emotions and memories and darkness that You don’t know quite how to process
My drunken lover, You came to me so many years ago With a suitcase and a smile I felt your hands against my weathered towers Every day as you ambled to the bus stop I felt the fabric of your jeans
Dear Matthew, I often wondered about you. How you'd laughThe color of your hair, If you were strong, If you were scared.  I often wondered about you. My sweet little boy,My playful kin, My eldest brother, My might have been.  I often wondered abou
Dear one,  In the hush of the morning light I write a letter to you withthe fragrance of violetsand hope sunk into white stainedpaper. I have a view of fledgling winter hanging off the pine
To the ones I no longer hold dear,   When your picture is pointed out on the tapestry That's hung in the archives of my heart By it's new inhabitants
Dear Mr. Marxley, it's so nice to write you again. That said, I must question your recent choices I can't believe you went a dancing in the rain What made you listen to the syren voices?  
Calming innocence, brought by the tide, born from the sea’s foam.   Breathing. Wandering. Befriending the rain.  
Dear Heart,
Dear America Do you hear your bombs blasting overhead? Do you hear the little children crying, Do you see them dead? O America, Open your eyes! See the destruction you have created,
Dear Future Me, Tell me- How are you doing? In that big, wide world That seems so scary now Tell me- Have you finally conquered Your fears Your insecurities Tell me-
As a child i knew your path I knew how to get there, i wasnt sad Adolescent came and took my way I got lost in all the games.   Can you forgive my sin for i have feared this day,
Dear Hands,I have never acknowledged you as I should Sometimes I have even hurt you You’ve been burned Bruised Sliced And cut
driving in the same direction, but to different destinations/ going down the same bad path, but with different fixations/oblivion can be achieved in a number of ways/
driving in the same direction, but to different destinations/ going down the same bad path, but with different fixations/oblivion can be achieved in a number of ways/
In Heaven   Querida Abuelita There isn’t much time For me to sum up The events of my life  
Dear Mom,   Most the time dad was not home So you were the one who raised me I almost put you through so much pain I could never tell you to your face
Dear Depression,   You pretended to be my friend. Pretended that nobody else loved me except for you.   Don’t you know you suffocate me?
To the boy that haunts me,I apologize.And I know if youwere here,breathing and still intact,you’d say it’s not my fault.And I know you’re right,that you pulledyour own triggerand
Dear the person who took my heart, Once upon a time, there was a girl and a guy who had very paranoid ideas about meeting people.
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