Dear Past

Dear Briana

Me and you, we haven’t spoken

Not in a long time

How are things?

Do you get along with your sister?

Are you still scared of the dark?

Don’t know why I asked

I know the answers

You’re mad at me

Aren’t you?

Okay, okay!

I admit

I’d be mad too

If someone shoved me

In a cage

And left me



Yeah, I’d be mad

But I had to do it!

Don’t you get it?

You were poison

For both of us

You were killing me

Really, it was self-defense

No, we’re not the same

I’m different now

I flatten my chest

And cut my hair

And threw out my makeup

Because I’m not you

I know you think you

I don’t know

Deserve something

To live

But don’t I deserve that


You’re not


No matter what they tell me

I am me

I am me

I am me

And you

Are dead.

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