a letter to an alcoholic

driving in the same direction, but to different destinations/

going down the same bad path, but with different fixations/
oblivion can be achieved in a number of ways/

but you choose to do it by drinking away your days/

you look away but I see your sad eyes/

the ones that well with tears, and won’t tell me lies/

I know you can hear me, but you go on with your drink/

living life at it’s fullest, living life on the brink/

on the brink of self destruction, and madness, and death/

but you enjoy the smell of liquor lacing your breath/

we lose so many to accidents where drinking to blame/

but you choose to down another shot all the same/

when will you understand that I love you, and I want what’s best/

I don’t want you getting arrested for not passing a breathalyzer test/

or worse, being the reason somebody doesn’t get another day/

I promise you, that feeling would never, ever go away/

please listen, I just want to ask/

when are you going to stop clutching that flask?/

when will you get the help that you need?/

please, I’m on my knees as I plead/

just give yourself a chance to succeed/

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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