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Because I love you, honesty will be ever present You can rest assured that our communication is true That my thoughts and actions are pure to you There are no games I secretly play
The relationship we had was not solely built on love, but I needed it. See, the tweets you posted were the first giveaway; It showed your spirit and the things you believed in up until today.
It takes a fraction of a second to open your mouth and say "I love you."  It takes a lifetime to recover when he didn't really love you.  But you love him,  he plays you against yourself because
  Because I love you, we became best friends Because I love you, we laugh and have fun Because I love you, I became attached Because I love you, I follow you around like a dog
  You and Me       Let’s talk about you and me Let’s look at how we could possibly be
Our love brings wishes. Wishes that come ture. Wishes for tommorow, to see each othe again, and to hold you in my arms Wishes to hear your laugh echoing in my heart
Love is art,  Relationships are like paint, You can blend them into something bright, Or you can blend them into something dull,  Healthy relationships paint trust,  Healthy love creates masterpieces, 
I'm sorry Mom, I'm sorry Dad, for all the things I should have said. Let you know about all the strife I was going through inside my head.   All the things I've heard and seen, all the pain writhing within me.
Sundays We all get together Ages 79, 64, 46, 42, and me 15 Creating memories Playing cards Having laughs Just being together I asked what they thought it meant  To really love each other 
I was content I was a wide-eyed girl full of love I was independent I was more than enough I was focused and my heart was tough Until I met you You gave me a little push and a little shove
I was content I was a wide-eyed girl full of love I was independent I was more than enough I was focused and my heart was tough Until I met you You gave me a little push and a little shove
I love you because you are human. You make mistakes, You get frustrated But you are also passionate and loving You like mysteries and cartoons
Because I love you, I always feel safe. From the warmth of your hugs to the softness of your touch, I am calm. In fact, because I love you, our whole house is calm.
The sun holds me in his arms, warms my smile, and lets me cry.   The sun fills me with positivity, illuminates my mind, and lets me shine.   The sun
No secrets, No locks without keys,Because I love you, I will always hear you out,No drama, No pointless fights,Because I love you, we will work this out  
  Because I Love You means want Want to do things for you Want to see you smile Want to see you when I don't have time Want to make sure you're happy Want to make sure you're okay
I, a confused somebody in the here and now, vow to: never rush this to be the reason why you feel like you're at home to be by your side no matter where life takes us to remember this
Love does not exist between paper-maché facades adorned with rhinestones, velvet trim, or gold leaf. Of satin dresses and rayon suits,
Because I love you, please don't hurt me Through my eyes You are rays of sunshine glisinting  Through my window. You are my light, my lover And what holds me tight at night Because I love you, please
I didn't know it would turn out like this. Life is definitely different, than I imagined it to be. I didn’t know how clueless I'd be, like a lost toddler swept away and abandonment’s arms with wondering eyes. I thought I'd be smarter, that I didn'
Because I love you, I said hello and we began to talk.   Because I love you, We exchanged our phone numbers.
I’ve grown sick of this belief drilled in your head I swear, he’s perfect when were alone together When every night last week I laid restless in my bed
Is it a summer day, Or a full moon sky? Or maybe a NYC night With beautiful buildings and lights And cars passing by.   All I can say is that this love is real And flows through every vein
It’s more than just cheap words or a rhyme- Without meaning it’s just a waste of breath and there isn’t a reason. There’s absolutely no time for love without love, an empty husk, a beautiful shell.
I just wanted to say I love you for that night. For bearing with me as I bore into yur arms shaking, taking in shallow breaths of panic in the passanger seat of your car in a murky parking lot I call:
Love, it’s everywhere isn’t it? Behind every person, there’s a story of love That unconditional attachment between a mother and her newborn The feelings two dumb teenagers have their Junior years
What is a hug? Just two pairs arms wrapped up like a Christmas bow or barbed wire Thick green vines, constricting one another, unable to breath
Because I did love you I know how sour things can get. Because I loved you I know how some things will never be "fixed". Because I loved you, Love leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
The other day I found myself smiling into the void.
I promise, To watch your favorite sports Team even if they are trash Because i love you. I promise, To listen to your favorite band Even if it sounds like trash to me Because I love you.
  The suns footprints scattered across the sky  peaking through your shaded curtains allowing small rays of morning light to shine  I venerate yo space.
I have to let go. Your words are short and few.My time is spent waiting. Always waiting. Waiting.Years of waiting. I have endured disappointment, sadness, loneliness.I have to let go…
You will never figure me all the way out so do not even try but my love for you will explain the unexplainable and we will be okay Dwelling on an argument will get us no place we are fond of
#BECAUSEILOVEYOU Those 3 words. They get bent, It's not about the money you spent. It's not about how sorry you are, Or the gifts you bring,  or your killer cool car. I know you feel bad.
Why am I in love with you it makes me blue because you're stuck like glue to my heart and I can't get over you I want you out right now heart please let me be you're draining all of me
I tell you all my secrets Without expecting yours in return Every night when I can’t sleep Your peaceful face helps me relax Although I need constant control You take the reins and I lean back I let go
Love flees the selfish, In its place Lust is disguised, But Love finds the pure.   When Love finds the pure, Their sorrow will cease to be, For Love gives comfort.  
Because I love you,  You are my best friend Because I love you, I leave you alone when you ask Because I love you, I don't say no to something that wont hurt you Because I love you,
You found me in a mess,In a battle not yet won.Of course I'm not the best fighter,And our love had only just begun.
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