I'm Sorry

I'm sorry Mom, I'm sorry Dad, for all the things I should have said.

Let you know about all the strife I was going through inside my head.


All the things I've heard and seen, all the pain writhing within me.

All the days I've woken up wanting to scream, but I let it sit and I let it seethe.


In constant pain, wretch and sorrow, I'd always leave it for tomorrow.

Another day I'd let it out and apologise for all your time I borrowed.


It took so long to tell you why, I was so distant and quick to cry.

In my head it was a fight and I promsie you I always tried.


It was just so hard with all the pressure, the voices speak in vile measure.

They hold me back from telling everybody that I treasure.


I have the courage to tell you I'm sick, because I love you I'll tell you this:

Mom, Dad, I'm a schizophrenic.




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