Climate change global warming environment

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It is said that Geb is the God of the Earth, and Nut is the Goddess of the Sky. While they are separated through the day, she returns each night to him and leaves the sky in darkness.
I wish I could see the sea But I’m landlocked in this city Omaha’s is just fine And even if I had something to do With all of my free time I would probably just stream Netflix and Hulu
Demeter is tired. For she is in charge of balancing the harvest among the high temperatures that humans cause. We have been working her too hard; when it is time for her to rest for the cold months,
Mother’s Day Flowers: An open letter from your mother:   An embryo encased within the sheath of a seed, I have loved you since before you were born.
I yearn for a time when We have an earth a home where we have butterflies not plastic bags Seahorses not troughs of sea trash Fruitful forests not funerals or forests. I ache for the
The woods were to my right The ocean to the left, But when I close my eyes I am taken to a land unknown.   It is a land with a soft voice
Thinking By Ben Fitzgerald     I was thinking about that sky that sits upon the morning. It  was awfully pink and bright,
We cling to you for shelter and like a greedy lover, we often ignore your needs, asking for more than we deserve   taking for granted the abundance of your beauty and love
The mother of all mothers Embraces us like no other Her luscious forests span far and wide, Nature’s sanctuary, where creatures hide Her waters run deep, her waters run low, Offering gifts in every flow
Tears have stories It ain't for human only. Earth do cry at times. We never see those.. Coz, only human can Human ain't human right now Just a bulk of organs Human never existed.
Do we hold our world in the palm of our hand? We pretend we are in control, But all human actions must end.   Water. Air. Wind, Earth, and Fire.
Global Warming, 
Ever more I gaze upon the Everglades Ever more They will be no more Evermore I see the poison in my veins Ever more I will be no more
Mind returns to the thick grass that entangled my toes - my face itches as the sun expands. A cool breeze complements the scorching brightness
It's scary, I can understand But, if you would, just take my hand And look at the reality that's happening in front of me homes drowning in flames and consumed by the sea Lists of lost names
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