classic fairy tales twist

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Glass Slipper, Apple,  Rose, Needle, Stepmother, Queen, Monster, Witch, What if the fairy tales are messed up?   Glass Slipper, Apple, Rose, Needle, Monster, Stepmother,
We all know the story of Cinderella Snuck out, lost a shoe and met a fella They change the story as time went by But I have the non-fiction, refreshing lines She did sneak out, she lost the heel,
The brother and sister ride silently in the car They are used to this Being taken somewhere and then left behind   The boy throws his gummy snacks out the window
In a land far away not that long ago there was a girl named rapunzel with hair the shade of gold   and she was bold you see because in the land of lost souls the only thing to watch your back was the drifter you called your shadow she stood up to
I know you don't recognize my name,Although my story revels in fame.My step-sister, what a fella.Do you know her? Cinderella.Before you start to snide,Please listen to my side. Once upon a time,
"You should totally tell him" over the phone they say. While I sit in my tower alone, day after day. "He just wants to see the things that you post, It's no different than facebook and you use that most."
Once upon a times are timed Happily ever afters don't exist My name has become begrimed I never got true love's kiss   I've been wrongly accused  Of the title "ugly stepsister"
Once upon a time There laid a beast who hid herself all too well oh my, oh dear, oh Cinderella She was the wickedest of them all but her beauty veiled her perfectly well However, I've seen her true naure
She had a wish She made a call Her godmother let her take the fall That pumpkin patch  Went up in flames She just couldn't run away She thought a hero had saved her But he didn't feel the same
All of the lights against the floor, music floating through the room. Women dressed to be looked at soon, the eligible approaching in groups of four.  
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