An Ugly Stepsister's Side of the Story

Once upon a times are timed

Happily ever afters don't exist

My name has become begrimed

I never got true love's kiss


I've been wrongly accused 

Of the title "ugly stepsister"

Unrightfully abused

It makes my blood blister 


The story's been changed 

I am not the villain

I now look deranged 

But I am only the fill-in


You've got the story wrong

Fairy Godmother's to blame!

It was her all along

She just wanted fame!


Her bibbidi bobbidi boos

Just had to be spread

She's now known for her shoes

But you have been misled


Cinderella was cursed 

To be like a house elf 

Her rescue was rehearsed 

By Fairy Godmother herself


My family couldn't control our actions

Things were out of our hands 

We were just distractions

In Fairy Godmother's evil plans


Fairy Godmother saved a story 

That she had only caused

But she now gets all the glory 

I guess she deserves some applause


The story's now too well known

The truth has come out too little, too late

But know the hero's just an old crone

It's Fairy Godmother you should hate 


Cinderella got Prince Charming

Fairy Godmother got her fame

But you know what's really alarming?

Nobody even remembers my name


This poem is about: 
Our world


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