Toy Prince

She had a wish

She made a call

Her godmother let her take the fall

That pumpkin patch 

Went up in flames

She just couldn't run away

She thought a hero had saved her

But he didn't feel the same

Mice and Men

These birds won't fly

But they taught her how to cry

Her hero tried to save her

But her hero lost his mind

She hasn't seen him since

He became a toy prince

Waiting for midnight to end

So the clock could chime again

And every second that passes by

Is another second she's gotta hide 

Her hero couldn't save her

And she couldn't stay with him

He kept his wooden horse

But she got rid of him

She dropped her bags

And let her past

Took a knife

To make things last

Her prince is gone

Castle pawn 

To all the things she didn't want

She took what was left

And she moved on

To make it as a chef

Royal pages ripped away

Those fairy tales

Up in flames 

She took her life

In her hands

Built the kingdom she had planned

When the ashes lay bare

This Cinderella didn't care

The clock had chimed again

And the new queen could finally win



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