Rapunzel The Great

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 23:07 -- Jaziah

In a land far away not that long ago there was a girl named rapunzel with hair the shade of gold   and she was bold you see because in the land of lost souls the only thing to watch your back was the drifter you called your shadow she stood up to men who would slander her name she tore them down and took their fame she rose to top or climbed some would say but the victory she had only brought her dismay because in may of last year her mother had cried telling her her worst fears and to say her last goodbyes she cried out in pain saying that this was not fair but thats not how the world works there was evil in the air what her mother didn't tell her is that 16 years ago a new born babe had been sent to her by a crow it was an evil opportunity that would bring itself into fruition the course of which had been set but would eventually become a prison for everyone around this babe the mother included and thats why baby rapunzel always felt secluded and inconcluded...she was lost the gift that was her curse put her inside of a box of isolation and disdain one she recoverd from but was falling into again..see what was special about rapunzel is that she could take flight the wings on her back would touch the stars and with heavenly might would smite all of the men who would slander her name which wasn't heavenly at all and this brought her great disdain she claimed she was a girl  who just happened to have wings but the people of the land had said many other things some would call her a demon others just a freak but in her heart of hearts she knew she was a thing  not of this world or even of the next she heard of the children of the light and she became obsessed she searched for these people who were just like her but in the end she found nothing but a box full of dirt and it hurt she had no-one and nowhere to call home but she kept searching in hopes that she would find a new home rapunzel was unaware that her mother was a witch suppressing her inner nature and taking her own fix of rapunzel's light which is why inside rapunzel felt so sad and so devoid of light her mother the witch could not concive so she prayed to Odin to have a daughter and he was pleased so he made her a daughter born of pure light and sent down one of his crows to deliver her at night. One night as rapunzel slept Odin came to her ..telling her who she was and what her mother had done to her she gasped and he laughed and she laughed as well for in that little moment she felt at home  and herself as much as herself she had ever felt .He told her he was his daughter and she broke down and wept he lifted her up and then began to kneel on top of one of his heavenly steps the one he called igneel he told her he was sorry for all of those years of pain and that he punished her mother for inflicting that pain again and again he stood up as tall as a mountain telling her the only way to get to him was to find the fountain of knowledge there she will find the tree of faith and she was to pluck from it an orange he told her the box of dirt was actually a gift because the dirt inside was actually a mist the orange she would have would be used to open up a portal and the mist inside the box would actually make her immortal because no mortal could walk through those gates and come back alive but she was no mere mortal she was a goddess in her own right...the next morning she woke up feeling refreshed and anew she looked up out her window to see the crisp morning dew she packed all her things and started on her way for today was a new day and everything was gonna be ok she soared  so high above the morning sky with the clouds beneath her feet basking in the sunlight of the glorious sun for she had won she had a purpose  and one without having to run from who she was a child of the light her cheeks filled with red from all the wonderful delight she arrived at the fountain and picked from the tree she bit from its fruit and thought were she wanted to be then suddenly she was there standing on the bifrost a bridge with so many colors it took her wonder a second to thaw She was in awe of she saw the most beautiful sight of all stars all around her so bright they looked like they were beginning to fall she sprinkled all the mist she had inside the box from the top of her head to the bottom of her socks and in a cloud of smoke encompassed all around her her heart became strong and her hair grew longer it grew and it grew until she heard a voice yell STOP i am the guardian of this gate and i demand that you to stop show me your pass and u may proceed but if you have no pass then leave now or face me she came  to the guardian and told her who she was he asked to see her wings but she told him that this would be tough it took alot of time and energy to travel from the land beyond and her wings were so exhausted and that they could not go on the guardian let her through she ran through the gates and then she flew.. halfway across a few moments later she saw her father and she was elated she flew in his arms which were big and broad she started to laugh and began to thank the gods.... her father said your welcome and they both laughed about how things would be now that life was filled with light Rapunzel the great... goddess of order and light her hair represented her immortality and her wings represented life.

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