Blue Eyes

All of the lights against the floor,

music floating through the room.

Women dressed to be looked at soon,

the eligible approaching in groups of four.


The Prince bowed and smiled again,

his head stuck somewhere overseas.

The King wanted him to marry one of these,

so that his youth would not be squandered in vain.


All at once his gaze shot up

to the beauty walking through the door.

He felt that he could soar

he thought it might blow-up.


He dropped the act and ran to her,

asking if he could have this dance.

He was positive he wouldn’t even get the chance,

but with sparkling eyes she made his world turn into a blur.


All too soon she took her hand away,

claiming that there was someone left to meet.

The glass from her shoes fell off from her feet,

as he ran down the staircase, leaving the Prince in the grey.


As hard as he tried

his mind would not forget.

The girl with blue eyes and a heart full of regret.

He would look for her, and make her his bride.


With just one small shoe,

the kingdom was scoured.

The girl could not be found hour after hour,

But the Prince would not give up, for his love that was true.


Finally a servant stepped forward to try,

offering her matching shoe with a smile.

The kingdom had found that the effort was worthwhile,

for the Prince had found a princess with love in her eye.


And so after that night,

their new love was sealed-

Her abused past and his aching heart healed.

Their future happy and bright.



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