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Is it America the Great, Or America the Dead? We have so much on our plate, And many tears to be shed. America was once beautiful In a land back in time. When plants and trees were boutiful,
"America the Great!" They shout to the crowds "America the Great!" they scream. I watch on and wonder if America is as great as she seems.   "America the Great!"
Oh say can you see? The blue ocean and palm trees Majestic land that's in front of me The beautiful sights and views The tourists with hearts that are true Warm sand and the bright sun
“America the Great” The words sealed my fate, As I danced through the streets that night. Because this country of liberty, Offered me no safety,
America the Great. I see you.  Bold in your Red, White, and Beauty Wrapped in the Stars wished upon by a down south Negro child unknowingly part of a civil rights movement.
America The Great? America the great Why can I not relate? The world is on a bend  There seems to be no end.  I wish there were something that could be done
Crucible (Noun).   That Merriam-Webster, you know-- The paperback with the musty smell and the bright red circle On the cover, a standard, commonplace to school and kirk-
Founded from christian belief  Hoping to find relief  After several wars  It has left the great nation sore  Every soldier who has died  Every family who have cried  They fought for our freedom 
America the grate. My country, my home. Education at it's finest. Ha, what a joke, Foreign exchange students have to repeat years because our education system is so great. Now, here's the thing,
Red, White and Blue the colors that once stood for truth.  But what are we teaching our youth?  The country that is proud to be called free and home of the brave.  But only brave if you learn to enslave?
Work till you drop or make stacks of cash Drown in luxury, clothing, and jewels Drink till you can't remember your name Drug with toxins so you can dream  Watch a screen to forget the day 
Come with me and see, the lovers by the sea. They are holding hands, and make wedding plans. I hope they stay together,
My skin color is different from yours, yet we are told we are equal.  Can you see through the Red, White and Blue,  read futher into this novel, this is the Amerikkkan sequel. 
America the great   America the great what happened to your grace? Was it ever there? Or just one of the many illusions you create?  
America, land of the free Home to so many people,  Where all believe it to be as we are told it is. But are we truly the great?   America, a place we are told we can be open
We pick a man that we don't accept  The country is divided and already in effect  We can only have a voice and be heard by having protests We reject the president-elect 
Every morning at the beginning of class We all rise and stand as a mass Pledging to our country's flag But for many, it can become such a drag  To realize that we won't pledge any more
Someday I'll say, remember that day, when the sky shed tears as a tidal wave of colored blood swept the streets that were run by lions in sheep’s clothing.   Someday I'll say, I remember when,
“Land of the free*” As if.   As if women do not scream for equality As if black people are not afraid As if trans kids are not shunned And the gay flag tucked away  
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