America the Great

America the Great. I see you.  Bold in your Red, White, and Beauty

Wrapped in the Stars wished upon by a down south Negro child unknowingly part of a civil rights movement.

Your Red and White Stripes counted by Natives who wonder how much of that red is a testament to their valour in the face of gentrification and how much of that white is reminiscent of their land’s purity.

I see you America! I see you and your Self Proclaimed Religious Tolerance and yet the Blue ripples that wave on your flag are a reflecting pool of tears wept and waded in by Muslims after 9/11. Those who have encountered more hate than justice because of extremists.

And for all this, America, I ask to what extent must your great nation go to realise that compromise is key?

Because while your name is posted up in flashing Red, White and Blue lights; while your stripes and stars are are being groped by the discourse of unyielding politicians, your people are losing their grip on hope.

In your world of the free and brave, room for compromise needs to be made.

Compromise is brothers and sisters meeting in the middle halfway.

Compromise is severing racial, religious, economic and political divides the moral way.

America the Great. I see you. I see you in your flaws and beauty. But do you see me enough, do you care for me enough, to compromise for the betterment of both of us?

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My country


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