Oh Say Can You See?

Oh say can you see?

The blue ocean and palm trees

Majestic land that's in front of me

The beautiful sights and views

The tourists with hearts that are true

Warm sand and the bright sun

That overflow our hearts with fun


Oh say can you see?

The beautiful country with sights 

With the heart of dim lights

A wonder and sight to see

But a hard love that was given to me

What's on the outside remains pure

But the inside leaves our souls unsure


Oh say can you see?

The imperfect and different shunned

Left with scars when their ridicule is done

Acceptance and love so lacking

Leaving those that belong packing

Sent far away because they "do not belong"

Making them feel as though they are wrong


Oh say can you see?

A  great nation's heart cries

It's been force fed hate from the inside

There's so much more than perception

Because hatred is the strongest infection

We are beautiful and we are strong

But without love, it's all wrong


This poem is about: 
My country


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