Greet the Day Scholarship

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How I greet the day is by meeting you by the bay remembering the soft, but strong kisses that I'll always miss   Hearing your laughter resonating; Seeing your smiles while skating;
its the smell of chocolate pancakes that rouses me from sleep the feeling of my warm socks against the wooden floors early sunday mornings spent with family and chocolate smiles;  its the ringing alarm my phone shrills it every weekday that pushes
The day begins and my eyes shine I see sunlight coming through my blinds A familiar face appears in my head And makes me get up and out of bed He is telling me to change and put on my shoes
Sleep is a beautiful thing Why would I want it to end? So when my alarm wakes me up with a ring I remember my special friend I'll never see her when I'm off to college I'm dreading my day of enrollment
Why do you get up in the morning? Because there is no choice In this beautiful train wreck of a marble we live on Choice is a privilege  But when the sun breaches the night's reign
You ask how I greet the day, I greet the day as a Champion! The day brimming full of opportunity and potential just waiting to be explored! Up before the gentle rays of the sun graze the face of the Earth so lovingly
Good morning, When I wake up, open my eyes. As clear as day, morning, In my mind, I think god for another day. I feel slightly awake, I walk into the closed door,
It’s not what wakes me up in the morning it’s what keeps me up at night. Because I wake up and my first words are “I’m going to take a nap later.” Then I get home.
A chance to completely change my rough life Gives me a reason to rise, awaken, And my determination’s bitter strife Makes “impossible” something forsaken.
I rise not for the sole purpose of Having some place to be- which I do, But rather, because I want to.
Bright eyed and bushy tailed with the morning she greets, A quick leap and up she goes, upon my head she seats.
Each and every day,Monotony is one step away.Find your passion and chase it down,There’s no shame, no matter wait they may say.
I slumber on and without aid Some say I'd sleep for 40 days (That's my mother's exaggeration)   I snore and snooze peacefully With no care, at complete ease  Til harrassed by Sound and Vibration
depression has eaten at her brain again, he chains her to the bed, he rushes her with sadness, and constanlty gives her five more minutes to sleep in. he shouts at her, and rushes anxiety through her veins
I've started many things,  I simply wish to finish them,  I want to know how my favorite show ends,  So for that I stick around,  Along with that I racked books on my wishlist,
6:00 AM The world is still dark outside. I, in my bed, have not yet risen. Sleep is slowly starting to subside, As I break from my dreamily prison.   6:30 AM
The sun begins its slow crawl from out of the bleak black horizon, Casting its golden light upon all that it touches. It reaches out like a lover to caress the trees,
Here I am present, the tiny infats who die, from unfit "Parents".   Here I am the Light, the Savior for the abused, so many children.   Who am I, you ask?
Morning Wake Up! A new day! The sun shines so bright…   What time is it? 8:54…?     I have class in six minutes! Run, run, run…!          Was that due today??
The buzz of circular blades, Cry of the time piece, Voice of a feline, And Mother’s melody All pull me from slumber.   The smiles of peers,
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