Greet the Day

The day begins and my eyes shine

I see sunlight coming through my blinds

A familiar face appears in my head

And makes me get up and out of bed

He is telling me to change and put on my shoes

He is telling me to run outdoors, to not hit snooze

A whisper in the wind asking me to enjoy

Appreciate the green, appreciate the brown, do not avoid

I breathe it in and let my body feel

I listen, I drink water, and I start breakfast with a peel

I eat a banana and a yogurt to replenish

Let warm water clean my body, I am now finished

The voice in my head is not of my own

It is telling me to start the day in love even if I am alone

My father’s voice floats in my head as a reminder

I must care for myself as well as others and grow kinder

Life will end just as the day

That is my motivation for greeting daylight in this way

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