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So When It Comes To Poetry... What Really Can Be Deemed To Be A... " MASTERPIECE "... ?!? A Really COOL HAIKU... Where Words Number A FEW... !?!
what captures the earth's wonder, takes us to new places, and leaves us with happiness or heartbreak on our faces?   it paints us to another and carries entertainment's greatest masterpieces
Listen, You're Beautiful So why do you hurt yourself when you're dying? You're so precious  And above this melancholy hourglass  That is your adolescence  Your mother tells you otherwise
I remember.  I remember the fears. I remember the confusion. I remember the pain. I especially remember the lonliness. I remember the tears. I remember the depression. I remember the disdain.
If I could paint a picture of you  I would need a large canvas.  One that could actually hold my vision of you.   
A painter knows it's love When they see the art in everything you do. When they know you're a masterpiece And they want to study every inch of you. When they want to feel your every edge
Creepy ghost stories. Paranoid with worries. Paranormal possibilities. Nightmares seem silly. But it gives me the willies. The Hebe jeebies! Fooling is not easy. It's really scary.
Her smile in these photos entice me to look deeper and beyond my interpretation.
I am an artist  I am a painter  I am the brush, flowing on the canvas  I am the canvas, being tickled by the hairs of the brush  I am the color, being picked to make a master piece  I am the master piece 
The impending doom that arises from the sun.
The first thing a young woman learns,Is to criticize.We are taught to see only our imperfections.We are taught to look into the mirror and self destruct.We focus on our faults.Of course we taunt others..
Come up with a poem of you, they say. Who are you? What should we know? To begin with -- I am a simply intricate girl of 18, with the future on my mind and a reminiscent heart. My soul resides at home,
I can see the world above 
Age is but a state of mind, Ignorance is bliss but makes us blind. The true beauty hidden in plain view, To be plucked from a tree and birthed anew. A Juliet in every Apple's seed,
What is beauty? Do you know? Is it the brand that you rock or the girls you see in the music videos? Society has confused the real meaning of beauty.
Blissful years gently sway by I’m just dancing through life average life for average girl but one blistering winter night
Flawless simply a word of perfection flawless what everyone wants. be aware dont be scared  show ur inerself.let  the be what makes you makes you flawless
She's a different type of girl, under all that founation, eyeliner and blush, you may think she's an open book but oh how she keeps things at a hush!
Who am I?
I have scars I have demons I have flaws But these don't define me What I have conquered, That gave me these scars, What I have vanquished, That created those demons
Who am I? The one who hides her Face behind her hair
  “Sun Kisses”
There are days where I start slow and finish fast There are days where I start fast and finish slow But regardless of how I finish, I am still standing Alive and Kicking, despite what life throws at me
Flawless sin Covered in Dark Skin
Watching Christmas movies in July. Singing off key to the radio. Expressing my feelings all the time. Crying just to cry. Loving  my dog like she is my baby. Lauging at the wrong moment.
I am Flawless It feels like when I don't speek up I'm jawless I step up to the plate everywher I go; I'm fearless I would never hurt a living thing; I'm harmless I am my own man; I'm ownerless
My giant freckles are flawless. Now that I think about it, so are my huge feet. Hey, what's so bad about it? It makes me unique. Yeah I may be different, but that's part of the game.
I am me and me is I. Both the same person but diffrent at the same time. I is out going and loves to talk. Me is shy and likes to be alone. Both so diffrent yet both are the same.
From a young age, the objective has been beautyA beautiful body, a flawless face was what I aspired toMy course with preset to a perfect appearance As I grew, I learned my role well
Im not a pefect girl; Never have been, never will be. With this statement,
A lavender sky Shadows caressing the clouds and millions of laughing stars The vivacious sun ignores the moon's protests and takes her into his arms I lay, entranced by the wonder around me
I call her masterpiece because she is the exact definition; a beautiful work of art She didn't even have to try her heart is what captivated my heart She is my masterpiece-my beautiful work of art
I wrote this for the purpose of an inspirational video.The impact of the piece isn't as great unless you SEE it. Please check it out as you listen and read along. Copy this link into your browser,
The cocks are crowing for you— Wild, unwavering alarm. "They do so five times a day, at the times for prayer," You explained to me then. Nobody know's why. Sitting on the wicker mat, ataaya falling from your cup to mine.
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