If I Could Paint a Picture of You

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 12:50 -- rmdg269

If I could paint a picture of you 

I would need a large canvas. 

One that could actually hold my vision of you. 


I would need a paint brush made to last the hours

Made to withstand the mistakes I would make

Made to fix brokenness like you do. 


I would need a big box of paints 

because no one color does you justice, 

but I would certainly run out of red 

your favorite color. 


I would use it to paint that heart of yours!

You know the one with tents of Gold 

The one so pure and only for me and God to hold 


Yeah that heart would take up all my red paint 

I would have to buy some more just to make sure the 

heart I paint is big enough and similar to yours.


If I could paint a picture of you

It would not do you justice 

But I would smile because you make me smile always 

Even on my sad days 


If I could paint a picture of you 

It would hold the image of a man who 

listens to all of my dreams and the interworking of my mind.

It would form the image of God 

It would form the image of your father, my father, and my grandfather

because you are a composition of men who protect me.


You are the man meant for me

You are the image I could not see

But you became a masterpiece


If I could paint a picture of you 

I would use blood sweat and tear because 

all of those things are what I actually use to make this marriage work


If I could paint a picture of you

It would bring me solace to know 

Even in this imperfect corrupt world

Even when you drive me insane 

Even when I can’t hold you in my arms



I would have a picture of you 

Made with my own hands

Made with the elements of my being 

Made to last forever

Like Me and You 

This poem is about: 
My family


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