The Renewal of A Masterpiece

The impending doom that arises from the sun.
The mountains bend to the will of one.
Flowers begin to die and tear away.
Trees rot away and break into pieces.
After you were lost to the sea.
Everything in nature collapsed and self destructed.
After you were lost, the earth lost its sense of being.
The world slowly turns from color to black and white.
The destruction of the earth, could not be any more beautiful.
Since it lost the principal of its existence, it is shutting down.
Even the sky cries at the sight of you losing your life.
The colors start to reanimate the world.
There is a rewind to the peace of the beautiful nature which earth possess.
All I did was pull you out of your doubts and feelings of despair.
Now, the world functions completely perfectly,now that it's masterpiece is in a better condition. 


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