Cause I know she won't believe me...

Listen, You're Beautiful

So why do you hurt yourself when you're dying?

You're so precious 

And above this melancholy hourglass

 That is your adolescence 

Your mother tells you otherwise

Playing on your

Soft natured tendencies

your insecurities

And you listen

You listen to her toxic words 

Melting the world

That you once stood


Before you met me 

you sought to fill your hollow soul

With the shavings and oh's

Of kids past maturity

Fulfilling their needs through cameras and screens

Singing to yourself after they sleep

You note 

Only your downfalls

And manage to take all the request of broken hearts

When you died on the inside long ago


And I tell you

I know

You've shown me you're beautiful

Yet you're oblivious to the idiocy that is me

So please babe  

Sing to yourself when your head's low and your ex says no

Sing to yourself when people say their thoughts and dismay 

Of your sweet baby voice is fake

Sing to yourself because even though you value your self-worth

Just a little more than that of a mustard seed

You'll never know you're beautiful to me

Now sing, please...



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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