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I sit and I ponder What could I not live without? On those dark nights and even darker days What pushed me out of bed? What forced me into clothes And stuffed food down my throat?
A photograph,  A photograph is all I need. A photograph of the sweetest thing I've ever seen. With her curly brown hair and light brown eyes, one of my most beautiful treasures in life.
I cannot live with clouds that demand to be seen and stars that are covered over with falsely-applied beauty. 
 I cannot live with black skies that force darkness into hearts
Mommy always taught me that my dreams are all I needed to push me through. When I was in middle school and I experienced extreme low self-esteem, Mommy said to me my dreams are all I needed to push me through. 
Listen little children to this story there aren't many rules to life but there's a couple you must carry. But before I begin hold dear to your heart for the very ones around you might stop your beat but just know your story will be complete.
Sometimes I wonder how it is that I don't scream because it is the six thousandth time that I have turned on the shower.   We spend four years
  Some rely on the breath they breathe Others rely on typical things. Electronics, accessories, places they call home.
Hunkered over rugged rocks and broiling sand, My eyes survey the crystal sea, My right palm is pressed against my pounding heart, My left upon my only escape,
When I close my eyes, the millions of glowing white spots on the back of my eyelids become her freckles.  
I wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning By 6, it's coffee I'm pouring Without it everything is a blur All my decisions, unsure Coffee is the glasses to my vision Both my accuracy and precision
I have a jar I keep it on a shelf that's too high to reach unless I need it   I keep things in my jar that others can't see I keep hope and joy and optimism for the future
13 years of shame.   Your eyes lock into mine with mixed emotions. The one I can’t simply bear is ever so present
I slip, the ghost of the unheard girl no one knows I climb the stairs, ascending my personal heaven I sit, reclining against my personal deity’s throne
My life lies in music, in rhythm and sound in music and theater, my passion I found my shyness faded from my face and I welcomed the stage's comforting embrace and curtsied during the applause  
​Sure we can start with  what a need is and sure we can  define a want but, what about life? It is based a lot on  needs and wants like, I need pants, so I want this brand
All I need is my sanity, my peace of mind I won't need eyes, because these are blind I just need my soul intact, just in case theres no going back I can't be weak, there's no showing that
You. You leaving is something I can not handle. No communication, you'll be away. Mom you can't go I won't let you. Fears of death come over you everyday. I pray, all I do is pray.
During the first day of College in my Molecular Biology lab, The teacher made us each pick up a tab. As he had planned an ice breaker with the intention of getting to know everyone.
When I think of something I absolutely need Something I cannot live without. I think of someone very close to me. I think of someone who loves me unconditionally.
All I need is hope,Hope brings light,Hope brings happiness,Hope drives me to survive,Hope for a better future,Hope for a better life,Hope is like the sun giving life and warmth,It is somthing i can't live with out,Without hope life is meaningless,
To be on an island so empty and lifeless it brings me darkness knowing there could be no hope But the one thing I need the one thing that will save my soul just happens to be the Lord
Wake up. Hold your breath. Listen.   While you hear the hollers and screams coming from down the hall, You sneak out of bed, hoping not to be heard.
Wind blow me across the world By dark eyes who are dying now The eve of twilight ascended   The dark is not always the worst place to be I believe, that I don't believe The water had to clear  
Without my defining grace, I am nothing but empty space, It's clear to me I cannot live, If my feelings were to give. The sense of human I have known, Would shatter from my heart of stone,
Loving you was my best mistake,   a beautiful affliction. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. You came unexpected, filling a desire I never knew I had.  
Lost here Stuck in the middle of the sea Agonizing waits For a ship to come around But with you here The waves mean nothing You keep me clear Keep me afloat Keep he pain away
My thoughts continuously haunt me;  They crowd and engulf me,  Coaxing me to succumb to them, Disguising their vile motives in illusions of happiness, And telling me to ignore everyone but them.  
If there is something that I cannot live without, it would be my imagination, without a doubt. I was adopted and family means a lot, and there are things that I have bought, that I hold close and cherish dearly,
I have this gift that is very special to my heart. It allows see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Without it, my life is worthless and this world is pure evil. It allows me to keep trying even when I fail.
I can't live without            hands.  Hands.             (Are you real?) Romancers to my lips,  reminders of God,  they are shadows in my bedroom, 
Left in solitary. What shall I long for? Lost in my head. Whom shall I long for? Death appears to be approaching. Where shall I run for?  Life becomes useless. Why must I live for?
It is the tap-tap-tap of the woodpecker blending with the back-n-forth squeak of the rocking chair. The cicadas sing (maybe for fun; probably not) and drench the yellow afternoon air.
There’s one thing in the world I need Much more than any other My broad imagination With all its sights, smells, and colors   In it resides a thousand worlds To explore at my endless leisure
Loneliness is a punishment in itselfOne I would never wish upon another soulStranded, deserted are all the sameFor the one on the island away from it allThe stress, the duress,The pain of it all
If I were stranded On a lonly islad I would need A song indeed Silence would the music fill Sadness would the music kill With the song I would not be alone A familiar tune would take me home
The most logical thing that comes to mind is a book on how to build a raft But I have never been the most logical person. The truth is I dont know because I would want the person who loves me most to come.
all i need is you unlike others i have no need for a life time of cost-co or money i wouldn't bring me a city to this island that i am only allowed to bring one thing i have no need for those silly items 
I would take her with me The one who faintly whispers into the pit of my ear never to give up and have no fear I would take her with me The one who so warmly embrasses me for who I am, and not who everyone feels I am
The thing I can't live without? Easy, My phone, of course! Right? Guess not, so back to the drawing board. But what else is there that I can't live without?
passion   there is a ladder reaching up fingers brush bottom rung cling and sting barren fingertips five more steps.