Life without Death

Wind blow me across the world

By dark eyes who are dying now

The eve of twilight ascended


The dark is not always the worst place to be

I believe, that I don't believe

The water had to clear


I need to see you every chance I can

But we need to step away now

The bittersweet moonlight path that guided our souls apart

You're in heaven now though you still lay in my heart


The raven has crawled out of its pit

The white dove has sprawled out in a shout of spit

The sun will never be the same

I hope I am not the one to blame


As time passes by, I realize

The rose buddings nigh

Is as fast as it lays to die


The whole universe could not depict

The moment your heart no longer ticked

A strife without breath

A life without death


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My family
Our world
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