'I am... Scholarship Slam 2015'

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                                              better then the riches of the world                                                better then the sound of my firend 
A lot of people know the surface side of me, the side they see while I'm at school or just going through the day,but there's another side of me an inside,that people never see.Its the part that is full of a thousand thoughts.
Growing up with preachers as parents and bibles as bedtime stories it was hard not to fall in love with what I was surrounded by. "God so loved the world he gave his one and only son."
I am......simply me, the one that I want and choose to be. There's no one around that I see that sticks out more than, well, me! I am goofy, funny, weird and wild.
I am Brittany, Who do you see? A slut, a boyfriend stealer, annoying wannabe, That's what mean girls see. Who do you see? A cool girl that's chill to hang with, That's what the guys see.
Write your own life story it'll be easy Just write it in under 650 words But don't make it too sad or too happy Make sure there's struggle and triumph Try to include humor
"Define yourself." Define. Yourself. As i try to grasp those words, I can't quite make them out. Everyone wants to know who you are or where you've been, You ask who I am. How would I define myself. 
If someone asked "Who are you?", what do you say, You respond with the name given to you on your birth day. But many people may share that name And this does not mean that you are the same. So who are you?
I have life so do you but in mine Only I belong   selfish  egoistic    arrgogant     All words resonant with negative meaning   Call me whatever
Me, I don't know what to call myselfI've heard plenty of ideasIndependent, crazy, smart, talkative   I am a seventeen year old girlI'm a girl with a history full of ups and downsI'm a girl with a family who's been pushed to the limitsI'm a girl wh
I am water formless flexible soft and slow powerful potent on with the flow   
What is your ethnicity? I'm Hmong. Mongolia? No Hmong. Miao Tzu. Hill tribe of China.
I am stronger than the words that make my heart bleed I am stronger than the people who tear me down just for the color of my skin I am stronger than the label placed upon my race
I am a bundle of contradictions A personality undefined Adjectives are unfitting Or rather Adjectives are very fitting. I am everything. A personality test with no results
Everyday you stand, you see. You read only the cover of another’s book. But if you peered at my small body, you would have to take another look.   I am the beating pulse in my veins,
I am from Precious Angels, From cassette tapes and Pledge. I am from the brown bricks and burglar bar doors Where love was never constrained. I am from the short blades of grass in the backyard,
In Heaven, everything would be perfect, Deadly edges of neglect at my loved ones' necks would be dulled and I'd be free to pursue my passion of rendering their faces on a canvas,
Let me have this moment. It's not a lot. Just a hop a skip a jump     back into the fray of reality.                                   struggling to find the center
Who am I? Well I don’t have a complete answer to this question but I will try my best to give you that answer. I’ll give it to you by year. I am the baby who at age 1 grew in the arms of faith and Puertorican wisdom,
We sat. That was all. Our backs against the wall, the night around us. Behind us were the careless, in front the carefree.  
As the wind blows, the trees will fall. A man will yell, 'clear' the echoes booming and crisp. It sinks into the mass of green
As we rise,                   so shall we fall-                   those who go down to the sea                             in ships that never return. What is the physicality of their fear? does it linger
Looking into the eyes of little me I see the spark of life. Experimenting with paper and marks, in perfect solidarity. in chorus they would chant, "She's a tiny Monet, A real prodigy that one is."
I am.I exist.I live on this planet, and go about my daily life just like all the seven billion other people who live on this planet and go about their daily lives.
Who am I? I am a girl, small but loud. I am bits of my parents, In every part of me I am my mother’s loud voice And I am by father’s forehead and awful laugh
  List some words about yourself, that is how one is to start. Can I pull a book off the shelf? Or does it have to come from the heart?
i'm scared of silence within sience you hear everything within the silence you hear thoughts your thoughts others thoughts   i'm scared of those thoughts the ideas they bring
I Am Yours   Where am I? How can I escape, From this horrendous black hole I’m in? A hole called Sin, Sucking me in, And no one can help me out.  
I am a leaf.  Ever changing against the evergreens. The cycles of life begin and end with me.  Signs of change are only seen by my fall; But more importantly, My rise Once again 
I am my art- Kendall Munson   As humans We are taught to look in the mirror to define ourselves by the amount of pimples on our face
Do something that is outside of your comfort zone. An experience that may change your life. Risks, they Require courage, but can be so Rewarding.  If you don't try you'll never know.
I am a bird taking flight. The breath of wind off the feathers frightens the creatures below But somehow they stand tethered to my iridescent glow.   I can not see those below me
Without grace, where would I be? No peace, no elegance, no beauty Torn from the center of life Pulled down by animosity   Nowhere to turn
  I am Anika Neela A girl of sixteen. Someone who is ordinary Yet smart, confident and keen. I believe in music And in the virtue of unity.
My heart and mind are at war Shall I say it? Shall I be true? Reason governs my every thought Think it through, Think it through  
Seedlings of delight stem in the growing branches of his curiosity. His eyes carefully trace the edges of the world, Stenciling out the beaming rays of sunshine
"Cool headed" "Lazy" "Care Free" "Adventurous" -My Class Mates "Caring" "Silly" "Great Listener" "Awful Advice Giver" -My Best Friend "A Good Kid" "Smart" "Challenging" "Creative" -My Parent
I Am:   Aqua. Sentient, Tranquil, Yet a storm on the inside; Raging under moonlit waves- Sometimes,
Trying to look like more than just atoms, I make my attitude deeper than stratum.  Cells and elements make up me,  A tamed beast insecure while free. I put meaning in words unknown,
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