The Fatherless Child


I am,
a fatherless child…
I lost my dad when I was seventeen.
It felt like a scary dream,
When he passed away.
Pops was there since I came out the womb,
He taught me a lot, 
And bought momma the best perfume.  
My old man tried his best,
and nothing less,
He, always pressed,
Woke up 4 am to go to work
But he never stressed.
Man, we were truly blessed 
To have a father who supported 
Our dreams.
Dad went to all my sister’s games 
when she was on the cheerleading team.
He took me to all my track meets, 
and saw all my wins and losses. 
But with of all these wins and losses, 
losing him was the hardest. 
 My mind was racing,
Going in circles,
Running laps and jumping hurdles,
Trying to figure out what just happened,
what has happened,
what’s going to happen.
I was scratching walls
hoping to uncover some missing
but there wasn’t.
I was scratching my head,
Couldn’t figure out why my dad wasn’t here.
You would think the doctors had an answer, 
but they weren’t even clear. 
I thought God was blind,
Cuz he obviously didn’t see that 
Me and my sis was going to college that year.
I thought God was deaf,
He can’t hear these cries. 
He can’t feel this pain or these tears.
Felt like my hope had been taken.
 All this time I had been waiting, 
Working towards that day when my parents 
would be able see me reach my peak,
That great milestone,
But instead life was throwing stones at me for miles,
And I was running away
Cuz this heart was like a house made of glass.
Seeing him lay on that hospital bed was a nightmare that haunted me
every moment I had to myself
Who would’ve known
He’d be gone so soon.
 But I’ve learned 
You just gotta move on
Stop dwelling on what you don’t have
And appreciate what’s right in front of you.
Although this life has made me a fatherless child,
I would not have it any other way. 
Because through it all, I am still standing.
Through it all,
I am… resilient.

This poem is about: 
My family


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