mental disorder

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one) a boy who speaks with a thick accent. always gets up in the middle of group sessions to ‘use the bathroom’.
Dear Ana, I know, I know I failed, I know I should have done better. I know, I know, I know. I’ll find you one day, I promise. I almost had you, but I let go. I let them take you away from me.
For a very long time I looked down on myself for pursuing my dreams instead of the wealth My brother, an engineer My sister, a nurse   And I...  I am...   not the lawyer you wanted to see
What is OCD?  Is it going through your house to make sure everything's clean? 
I feel my heart is racing my mind is constantly chasing yet here I am just spacing desperately embracing rapidly effacing i'm falling and displacing
The room reeked of the smell Of my parent’s disownment, Once again I was back in crazy town.   They didn’t understand
Have I ever wished to dive into a ravine? I would have said no.   I'm forced to say yes. What were once my sweetest dreams crash upon the rocks.   Drain the mania;
You would never know walking past me.   You would never suspect talking to me.   You would never know that my laughter keeps me from screaming  
Has vanished without a trace, leaving me barren. Mayhaps it found a better place, Somebody who wants it.                                                                     I
Pastel pieces of paper littering the floor Notes, lists, worries, and more It’s called OCD and I couldn’t find rest In therapy, workshops, books, or meds Poetry provided the outlet I need
Dead, dead, is she ahead? Did she quit while she was ahead?
For the record, I am myself.  Even in the dark with no mirrors, no clues, I am myself. I am not the feeling
It has conditioned me to fear To fear everything life has to offer To see the bad side of every situation To doubt even the simplest acts of kindness This monster has created a shell of a person
Please, don't touch me. But, please, hug me.  Please, make sure everything is in order. But, please, let me do it. Please, don't make eye contact with me.  But, please, tell me my blue eyes are pretty.
When it comes to struggling we know nothing. we are dumb. Some are silent.  Some are screamed, but it is rarely what it seems. While a child starves at home another starves alone, A victim of the numbers.
I feel like I am drowning,  Though no water is present, But the feeling of this darkness crushing me Is not very pleasant.  
The cold and the confusion. The overlooked and the overdoses. The solemn and the silence. The fatigued and the forgotten. This is the only world I know.  
And then it all began again Her mind changing, slipping, slipping into the dark abyss that is depression Her thoughts became darker The world became greyer
Darkness.  In my mind, in the words I speak, in the emotions I feel, in the world I see.  Just darkness. Drowning in my own thoughts. Would I be missed if I went through with it.
A strand of hair  derived from my scalp  is detected by my two brown eyes, the color a reflection of both.   My vision blurs  as a sea of unwanted memories 
The 21st century- a time of technology and innovation But what good is this with unhappy people around the nation? Body image and mind are sparesely accepted Nobody wants to feel rejected "Homosexuality is a sin!"
Everytime I look at you, my feelings always differ. Whenever I see you, and I feel happy, it puts a smile on my face. Whenever I see you, and I get upset, the entire world is out to get me.
Malicious malignant Cancer of the soul, It spreads its dark and brooding mass Slowly eating away Sinks roots Dark tendrils Deep into unseen depths Slowly feeding on life force
It strikes midnight, and I’m home alone My parents have yet to return from work Paranoia kicks in, and as I turn to stone I hear a voice and slow footsteps lurk
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