The Demon

It strikes midnight, and I’m home alone
My parents have yet to return from work
Paranoia kicks in, and as I turn to stone
I hear a voice and slow footsteps lurk

I reluctantly open my bedroom door
Preparing to face only the worst
I look to a dark window and see nothing more
But a face like mine, only more perverse

A discordant scream escapes from my mouth
Loosing balance, I stumble down
My pulse escalates, no cries come out
I hastily get back up, frantic, look around

The demon disappears from the window
And suddenly manifests onto my mirror
I’m out of my mind, losing control
Throughout my body, I feel a violent shiver

The despicable horror is overcoming me
But my human instinct says that I fight back
Escaping her tight grasp, I break free
And take the opportunity to attack

I lunge forward and swing with my right
The demon shatters into sharp shards
And in my victory, I triumph with delight
Sensing that I can let down my guard

I go to my bathroom to rinse off the blood
Watching it trail steadily down the sink
Then suddenly my trepidation floods
As I look at my reflection and think

The demon is actually me, evil and grotesque
The eyes have a dark, sinister semblance
The smile is villainous and obsessed
And in response, I’m perplexed, in a trance

My thoughts are interrupted by a loud creak
The front door opened; my parents are home
If they see the demon, they will surely shriek
Without deliberation, I already know

I must valiantly relinquish the demon
By sending her to an eternal demise
The sacrifice demonstrates purpose and reason
That hopefully my parents will realize

I sprint to my room, grab a shard from the ground
I bid my parents farewell and take a deep breath
As I plunge the makeshift dagger without a sound
Peacefully accepting my well-deserved death


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