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if we want to talk about being hard to love that definition begins with me anxiety  insecurity paranoia chewing me up, throwing me out
i could get losT in those eyes. beHind them there are other worlds, lights, and sensations thAt take you like a tidal wave. the world fades away around us for a Time, and it’S an epic euphoria, all the little while.
How does a millennial praise, God? I give thanks through my own body.  It seems to be the only way I feel connected to you.    The embers of cells feel lifted to the surface of my flesh.  
I'm happy because I live in falsity, i'm still happy because I reject reality,   Stuck in my childhood, My utopia Forgot the fact that, I had grown up   Someone, wake me up
The little girl Could just not sleep Because her thoughts Were way too deep Her mind had gone Out for a stroll And fallen down
metronome heart allegro to affrettando pump   hair rises like furtive ballerinas on strident piano keys  
So much of me that the world cannot see, I have to try to see it as beauty For if every condensed thread of my being were to unwind to the world Might I as well not exist? Questions to these answers may not unfurl...
I find myself in this state often Running through fields of flowers Happiness as high as towers And the world only softens  
I wish I was a tree. Jesus! I wish I was the sound the sea makes when no one is watching I wish I was the pigeon you saw in sitting on a telephone line when you were seven and thought it was a hawk. Oh my god!
A never ending sunset.With mixed colors skies like my mixed emotions inside.The blue felt lonely and orange felt lovedThere was harmony in the air because we both had something in common.
I may not be what you envisioned That perfect porcelian doll. It wasn't my decision
Life has its ups and downs as you know Things can make me sad and they can make me happy Yet I want to be uplifted. Perfect euphoria is within my reach when: I stand in the clearing of a snow-cloaked forest
Everything is obliterated, all but the silenced lonesome My mind emerges from the deepest crevasses of my soul, my tears from grief
An addiction, that's what he wasGreeted by a pulsating desire to shoot him,through every vein in my bodyA soft start, to calm my worries with his powers,and a smile like two rows of gold
This trial and error This beautiful pain, has left me needing more I really wished you hadn't slammed that door behind me,
All my life I dreamed of exploring the ocean. Seeing the different marine life, Feeling what it's like to be surrounded by emptiness. I also love to work on automobiles,
Hundreds of languages, Millions of words Split into averages, broken into thirds And yet not one, or even all Can describe the meaning, the feeling of love
When you ask someone how it feels to be in loveHow the idea came to be and gave birth in their mind In the light of their presenceIn front of the person they spent their days with
Walk into this luminous HazeHowl into this starlit nightGrowl in the clutches of Ebony
When she's talking and jumbles her words; I can see, without seeing, that she blushes. That red. Like rose petals kissed her cheeks And don't dismiss my love sick twistedness
Though I woke before the sun had risen I was already late, forced to hurry I would soon break free from the prison Of the civilized world and its worries.
You extracted all the good from your heart, and injected yourself into my veins. As your love flowed through me I was overcame with a surge of euphoria, a rush so powerful it left my palms sweaty and my mouth dry.
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