Euphoria, All the Little While

i could get losT in those eyes.

beHind them there are other worlds, lights, and sensations thAt take you like a tidal wave.

the world fades away around us for a Time,

and it’S an epic euphoria, all the little while.

Wait, is there no need for a disguise?

it’s amazing to be able to know How to unwind.

it’s been A long time

since an eclipse-ish abyss parTed the white sea.

time Seems to slow down when solo is how i fly

never would Have guessed it’d pick up when you stop by.

i catch myself drifting in a clustEr of stars

as ink traceS unleashed thoughts into art.

sparks, lightning, thunder, dArk.

blooming Into an absolute masterpiece,

just like the way the galaxy’s light Dances behind those eyes.


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