Life has its ups and downs as you know

Things can make me sad and they can make me happy


I want to be uplifted.

Perfect euphoria is within my reach when:

I stand in the clearing of a snow-cloaked forest

Snow clouds blanket the sky

White-winged angels descend from the heavens whilst singing Bohemian Rhapsody

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?"

A herd of kittens, impervious to the cold, approaches me

Their purrs warm my heart

I recline in the snow, and they surround me

Ryan Gosling comes forth from the forest, bearing Starbucks and cookies

The scent of the incoming feast wafts toward me

Suddenly, a beam of goldlight pierces the clouds

Jesus Christ descends from the heavens

From his robes he pulls out a book

He proceeds to read French poetry with the voice of Morgan Freeman

Rainbows tinged with gold arch across the sky

The scent of cookies remains long after they are gone

As I doze off, the kittens pull a thick, fuzzy blanket over me


This is how I will be uplifted.


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