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Sometimes I’m a sexually repressed nun who fell for someone outside the faith,   A guy carrying multiple, heavy bags of groceries for someone who won’t return the favor,
starvation is such a funny thing empty out the stomach allow both ears to ring a death wish is so useful
Skipping meals, once again how does this happen, how is this a trend? it isn't trendy to starve oneself yet here I am
My two shortest fingers can wrap around my wrist like its nothing. When I look at my stomach, it is pale and flat. These legs do not store fat around the knees
Once upon a time, we did not kill to survive
Keep going. I dare you. But I can't fool you. My children will starve And be excited to see trees At the rate That everything is disappearing. Prepare for fishless oceans
Trigger WarningsThey aren't always easy to avoid. Simple phares"Because you're special"I don't feel special when things happen to me and I don't understand them."But you are"When someone tries to argue back when I ask them not at say that.Trigger
As a way to not feel depressed, Or maybe it was oppressed. The fifth grade was only a start, As a senior I still feel its mark.   My mother felt the bottle or aluminum can was an escape
Two men, one island. A single fruit on the trees. Friends until the end.
Two copper pennies Clink in a jar. It's not enough for food. Not enough to go far. Your empty stomach Curves like those coins.
I sit on big plastic cushion With my elbows on the table And my phone out With the tortuous smell And sounds of a sizzling hot plate At the table next to me I scroll past a post
If I could choose just one job where would I even start? I'm told that happiness and love is but endorphins in a brain And yet I feel it rushing through my heart  
What can a dollar do? Pay for lunch, A car, College. Well, maybe not a dollar Though at least it helps. But while we eat and drive and learn A child dies from hunger A woman wishes
I have lost my appetite,
What will I tell my children 15 years from now?  My brave 8 year old boy and his sweet 5 year old sister? "Why mommy, is daddy away all the time?" They ask: "Because he is catching the bad guys" 
The creature made only of bones and a thin layer of skin, should be sitting in a throne.  Yet it has not been brought to attention that while you live a life of luxury, for every wish and want you receive,
Everyday thousands are starving while the ignorant throw away "scraps", which could be a meal for someone.
The thin layer of skin covering bone. The priviledged kids whining when they dont recieve their favorite food. The grumbling stomachs of children. The kids who eat until they are sick.
If you took a good, long, hard look at her stomach, what would you see?  Don't look at the skin of her stomach which she mistakes for fat.
Why did we let the ocean die? Why do we allow children to starve? Why is the world at war? Why can people get away with murder? Why are we running out of resources? Why are we killing the forests?
I never knew that there were ways to express myself out loud. Always bottling up emotions, ready to explode. Soon, I began to write. I released emotions that had been suppressed for too long.
The pictures of the Holocaust, Ghastly and unyielding, Show starving people in their camps, Terrible and unfeeling.   So depressed they feel no emotion. So hungry they cannot eat.
From a bench I watched them walk, all in a line, the exertion of emotion dripping from each individual pus-filled, black-headed pore, twitching and moaning like dead men with gaping mouths and scarlet tongues
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