Trigger Warning

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 18:34 -- Mo1077

Trigger WarningsThey aren't always easy to avoid. Simple phares"Because you're special"I don't feel special when things happen to me and I don't understand them."But you are"When someone tries to argue back when I ask them not at say that.Trigger WarningI asked for one thingDon't pull my wristFor the second time I now have a new memory to lay on top of the old one.More new memories aren't the how he pulled at me But the way you kissed my skin as I said no.Please don't touch me while I'm drivingPlease stopPlease no Trigger WarningI didn't consider myself a rape victim.Until the definition of rape was put before me seven years after the first timeThe time that lasted three years.Until it was put before me just a day after the second time.The first time I didn't understand.The second time I did. I understood I said no. Trigger WarningDon't say it was my clothesDaddy, what did you let me wear when I was 9...10...11...12...Trigger WarningThese are the jeans I was wearingTrigger Warning I couldn't bring myself to put on the shirt. It still smells like him. Trigger WarningI don't feel okay. Trigger WarningI needed you to save me.Trigger WarningI can't wash them off me.Trigger WarningTrigger WarningTrigger WarningDon't say it was because my clothingTrigger WarningDon't say it doesn't seem like himTrigger WarningThis one wasn't on medication eitherTrigger WarningPolice at my houseAgain. Trigger Warning There are no warningsYou made me a statistic44% of us are underage93% knew their attackerI was related to him like the other 34%Or I had befriended him for the last 4 years like the other 58% Trigger WarningThere are no warningsTrigger WarningI'm sorry


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My family


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