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Sometimes The most painful reckoning Is to stare in the eyes of the sinner And watch them smile and pretend As if they've never burned you 
Lost a nail today in synagogue; flipped my brother off.  
I can hear him whisper in my ear, he calls my name, controls me with fear.   These vile demons running in my head, live in my dreams and beneath my bed.   I feel guilty.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit Three in one, our God most high You have made the stars burning brightly Looking up, I am swallowed By Your oh most brilliant sky   Your glorious heavens are so close here
Lord I'm coming home I've wandered far away from you The paths of sin too long I've trod I've wasted many precious years I now repent with bitter tears I'm tired of sin and straying lord
I should be a sinner
Lord, save me from my sins
Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,
When I Look at You by Savanna Morgan When I look at you I see a blind, incoherent fool Because aren't we all Do we not build up our own houses, then  due to no foundation we fall.
If a sinner is what I'm called to be, Take the halo away from me.  Take away what makes me a saint, my angel wings you must taint.    Make me a criminal to the core,
Here is a guide just for you
Standing here I pray to the sky, Hanging here I pay for my crime FIve minutes, it's all I have left I, shall take my step Let it go Let it go My remains shall be burned
So as I type what I did last night don't judge me Don't judge me because everyone sin and nobody’s perfect Talking about sin... that's what i committed
  Rock-a-bye baby, don't close your eyes. You'll miss the stars as they light up the skies.   Watch them shine as your tears hit the floor pray to God that you'll be something more.  
DeadStrickenFrozen StillCaught in the hustle of lifeSwept along like a dust bunnyNot knowing who's to trust 
During the toughest times Sins follow my mistakes But these are truly dark days So help me find my path And if there is no light Forgive me for being lost
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