Song of the Sinner


Rock-a-bye baby,

don't close your eyes.

You'll miss the stars as they light up the skies.


Watch them shine as your tears hit the floor

pray to God that you'll be something more.


Though you should remember, you’re still on concrete

And you have only dreams that will set you free.


But your dreams became chains much like the concrete that’s cracked

It’s why you could jump knowing you couldn’t take it back


Not that you cared, it’s been so long since you first fell apart.

Almost 10 years since ice replaced the love in your heart.


All because of something that had been taken from you

You let something you can’t control cause you to unglue


It seems that you’ve forgotten you’re still just a little boy

Now you’re starting to feel much more like a broken toy.


But now you’re almost gone; it seems the pain is dulling

And you begin to hear your name as the Devil is calling.


You can see Death as he stands at your bedroom door,

He allows you one more heartbeat and nothing more.


So goodbye baby,

We’ll close your eyes.

You're missing the stars as they light up the skies.


You can't see them from the bathroom floor.

This is it; you're nothing more.


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