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Can you save me?Can you pull me from my pit?From my dark and endless jail?Can you tear down my walls of anguish?Burn my fears or failure?Can you help me?Can you teach me how to feel real again?
The people in my class analyzed poetry With finely sharpened pencils And color coordinated pens.                           I don’t understand.
Laith, I once loved a flower so much One day it started to wilt Despite all my efforts to save it Even for just a day It wilted away   That’s what it was like loving you    
You can't blame me for the nights you went out. I didn't claim to save you from that needle when you behave the way you do.
She used my fire and burnt me to the ground. Everything was burning to ashes, nothing was ok everything was falling apart, and there was nobody, but then you pulled me out of the fire.
Words hold power. They are a release for the brave, the wounded. Where words are, emotions lie behind it. So I write.
O LordHow I have fallen overAllowed my fresh to take overAddictions of old uncover
The LORD's Word Creates ocean waves They surf right through my brain The love of the Father Is what keeps me brave If you're interested and bothered To know my inner flame Then Salvation
From the shortest to the smallestFrom the biggest, tallest and GiantsLet's stop the violence's The average, smartest and brightest
Holy God, Sovereign, Faithful, Righteous and True I pray everyday that I may be reduced Death to the flesh, alive in You This is hard to do
There is only a two-way street For a human being It is seen With our ability Of Decision-making
Last fall, my high school health class hosted guests from the local ambulance district. They taught the class to perform CPR, use an AED machine, and perform the Heimlich.
Someone told me it's not the end, Into the darkness I descend. Falling through empty promises That are to never to come true, Tied to a noose made by the view of the world As I dangle wordless and helpless.
I love you, I really do But you know we can not be. We are too afraid to face reality. We have been to close for far too long, And found our spot of comfort. We will never move beyond that,
Behind every smile, You know that there is some sadness. The sadness that we mask With forced laughter, With excuses for the tearing eyes. It is simply much more simple to smile,
White as snow, The beautiful rose. So fragile its petal, Hiding the thorns. The thorns that it hates, For it ruins its beauty. It ruins its purity. Among the red roses She belongs not.
If I were said to be anything I'd have to be a crash test dummy I have honor to the front seat Of everyone else's mistakes I get to see the explosions First hand Forget my own happiness
Words found me lost, And at once brought me home, So pain would not accost Me at any place that I roam. For an outlet I searched, To take the pain away, But the power 'nside me sat perched,
STOP! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! I scream to you I beg you from my knees I make so much noise I cry and plead I plead to the gods the lords the people the demons the angels and you  And you all ignored me 
~Dedicated to Courtney Bennett, my 9th grade physical science teacher~
Night crawlers on the roof Walking around going, who who White faces smiling at you Tapping the window, who who Something is scratching the door Let me in, who who
Now is the time for a hundred indecisions  Time for you And time for me To prepare the face we will meet   We sit back in silence watching Brilliance
Can you see her? Did you know?
I knew a girl name Tasha her and I were brought up on the same city block. And it was terrifying to hear about Tasha getting rape by her father. Then her mom disowns her as a daughter.
Fleeting lights like fireflies brighten the darkness With hissing booms set to destruction The ship at edge to heighten, Woes. We cry for we are lost. In a world that does not want us.
Don't Don't push Don't push me I'm falling I don't need you to catch me I don't want to depend on you I'm  I'm tired I'm tired of pain So I'm tired of you But But I
i knew you were my hero
When I become a lawyer, I will make my contributionsTo the field of law and society by giving a free consultation. Things happen in life that people can’t always control.So I know you'll need someone to console.
  I've lived a life that's safe. Free of rejection, and what come's with it...
I’ll try         And be as loyal as a dog         By your side for everything         There to pick up the pieces after you shatter I’ll try         To stay silent         When I wish to speak
Running from the shadows, I'm lost Finding the exit is like trying to spot a constellation in the night sky. Trapped in confusion of my own consciousness.
I believe that we are trapped, Inside our own little cages.
Puffy eyes; sleep deprived.
The Pit Bull friend or foe Mans best friend or no? Bread a killer or a devoted companion. The gentle giant to some, A murderer to most. Powerful, Intimidating, caring all so true,
9/11, a horrific day But, there are some people who still can say   I was there when the first tower fell I heard the injured’s panicked yell   I ran in to try to help them all
Did we ask to be born into a world of such scorn,  They would surely mourn for the the old ideals,  Since those are no more,  This is a new world, a much more flawed world, but freer, 
Mourning the deaths of loved ones is indifferent when you’re talking about animals Some say they understand dealing with the acute pain of having someone die painfully but most don’t
You know what they say a tiny ripple can change the day.   When scary moments pass we know the sun will rise.   You can always see it the slow change.   From perfectly fine
So God made the birds and the bees He made these trees He made you and me. Not for all of us the destroy and tear them down. We say we're big and bad, walking around like we own the place.
Shadow of  a smile vacant searching eyes hollow echos of laughter hidden by a disguise   Every heart ache forms a new crack a crumbling piece of art trying to hold it all together
To the lakes, Oceans, Waterfalls, Oceans you fill with purity The fish and sea creatures swim You give us all you can give To the waves that move on your surface Down riverbanks you flow
I want to feel the ocean breeze, I want to feel the light of the moon As we lie together on the sand, I want to hear nature's melodious tune.
Above the river's bank rising slowly in the sky, casting a reflection upon the water. Saving the world from total darkness the moon finds its place among the stars
They are creatures just like you and me, That can't speak or defend them self. People treat them crudely, And that doesn't include myself. Animals are helpless against abuse, but that's not an excuse.
the irk of tumoil tosses me: a hell bound angel or a demon bound for heaven. unsure at times of which is which, a breath away from saving grace- lost in the scuttling winds of time,
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