I'll try and save you

I’ll try

        And be as loyal as a dog

        By your side for everything

        There to pick up the pieces after you shatter

I’ll try

        To stay silent

        When I wish to speak

        So I can listen in rapture to all that is you

I’ll try to

        Love you with every fiber of my being

        And expect no tending to my own heartstrings

        Just sit tall and act like it does not affect me

I’ll try to

        Stand by the edge of my destruction

        With a smile and open arms

        Willing to catch you and let myself fall

I’ll try to save

        My longing for you

        I the one who has to engage you in conversation

        Never you that comes to me

I’ll try to save

        Your reputation by putting my neck in the noose

        My heart sweet as nectar

        But your friendship is like the bees in winter


I’ll try to save you

        Like a child keeping a balloon afloat

        Fighting a losing battle

        Against a force beyond my control

I’ll try to save you

        Like the last moments of sun

        Remembering what once was my everything

        But soon completely eclipsed by darkness

I’ll try to save you

                                                                But who will save me?


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