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We always say that romance is dead, Rotting, a corpse with a hole in its head. Why indulge in the lies that we're fed, That romance had swam in shoes made of lead?   We are blind,
All my life I never thought I had a heart Or a soul Or a reason to be alive I saw life as just a passing moment Living every day just to die
Knocking on the door  Standing there with an open wide arms  "Welcome home," he said "I've been waiting for you all this time," he contiuned  Trying to hold my own tears back 
I touch your soul with just a glance A spark of blue that floods my eyes Yet I’m anchored to their comfort You look back and see the world While I see one glistening star You see the universe
I’m black and comely for the sun has kissed me for the moon made love to me, for the blackness of space has seduced me, for the stars there sensational spark bust me like a grapefruit my exposure seeds to my root.
I'm completely lost without you  I turn to my pen and paper to get the feelings off of my chest  the way you walk, the way you talk ,your touch sends shivers down my back 
                    My garden   My garden, In the air, in the distance, in the flow of mortal encounter, an elegant, persevering flower–
Shall I compare you to the wonders of nature?You have the majesty of the tiger, You are vivid and bright as the northern lights.I find you more valuable than any other beauty;
Howl with me until the moon dips below the horizon Run with me while the rest of the world sleeps Watch with me while the stars dance in the sky Stay with me until the sun begins to rise
I feel like i'm on a flight above a kite She's just so right she even passed me a sprite Her smiles quite a sight thats so bright The candle has been lighted i'm so excited
look at the sky so meaningless yet being the entirety of the universe and you look at me i feel nothing you don't remind me of the stars or the ocean anymore and how it felt to drown into its body
"Tell me you love me."No, I will not.
"Honey, that's so cliche."You mutter those words as I tuck your hairbehind the ears that never fail to listen.
Life's true teacher hides in front of our eyes, As my own realization came as a surprise. Through words I learned how to express, And words of poetry no less.  
I use every part of my senses when I'm with you: When I stare into your eyes, which shine brighter than any star When I touch you, feeling the warmness of your embrace When I kiss you,
It's a struggle My body squirms every time my thumb hits the blue arrow Reveal too much and I become a slave, she's the Jew's Pharoah Conceal too much, she may turn away, This is my conflict, my new peril.
A message is written with a black staining ink.A message for a bitter-sweet end.Hidden away in a blue marble sink.A note I hope you won't bend.
Dear Eric,  The rumors you spread weren’t true. All I can say is sorry. It wasn’t suppose to mean anything. Just a small a crush you weren’t meant to find out. Please forgive me. You were so wonderful.
Dear Rose, I wonder who you will be Whether I will find you in a library Or a classroom Or online I wonder whether I will approach you then
All of your time is spent in just the same placesSo you hear the same voices everywhereThe faces you pass by are familiar facesAnd you think one of them is for you to take care
My lovely moon I have forgotten that you exist Your night provides a balance for my day to persist  Life is a part of death, therefore I'm thankful for your night You are dark, and I am light
  Dear my one and only, Nothing will ever change my love. Although I won’t deny my fears.
Choices Maleek Mayers Is it one or is it two? What da hell should I do? In my head rush all these voices, For I got too many damn choices...
I have scars some are physical The phantom burn from the hot coal silver on my hands from rambunctious cats The mark on my leg from a bad scooter accident   I have scars some are emotional
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
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