Knock on the door

Wed, 12/08/2021 - 16:16 -- Pookie

Knocking on the door 

Standing there with an open wide arms 

"Welcome home," he said

"I've been waiting for you all this time," he contiuned 

Trying to hold my own tears back 

Although the tears fall on it owns, it a jubilance tears

Ran as if I have nothing left to live for 

Into his arms 

As my mind, ponders " I made it" 

My first home, I finally have made it back

I responded back "I never stop loving you" 

The longer we lingers in the hugs

The ways it felt was full of love and warmth 

Never once faded 

You and Me 

Felt like the longer we stay link 

the tigher it gets as if some day one of us might be gone forever

knocking on the door

Not entirely sure if I will stay awya this time

I am crazy about you, for you

Always know this, Ich Liebe dich Fur Immer Mehr 

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