I have scars

some are physical

The phantom burn from the hot coal

silver on my hands from rambunctious cats

The mark on my leg from a bad scooter accident


I have scars

some are emotional

"Sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Sorry, I'm fine, I'm just ... tired"

"Sorry, I'm not really that hungry right now"


I have scars

they manifest themselves as lines

real, visible, tangible lines

but also lines that are crossed

ones that don't exsist in plain view


I have scars

but they don't repulse you

every line on my body is my story

you love my stories

you love me


I have scars

you face them and say

"Don't apologize, it's okay."

"Don't apologize, what's wrong?"

"Don't apologize, you look great?"

unapologetically you love me.

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