my love

I'm completely lost without you

 I turn to my pen and paper to get the feelings off of my chest 

the way you walk, the way you talk ,your touch sends shivers down my back 

The thought of your lips intertwining with mines makes me breathe heavy ,heart attack 

I'm feeling weak at my knees with the sound of your name

but without your love there's no way I can be sane

I lay my head on my pillow and dream you have 

another love so my love is in between 

These little thoughts have been going on for years now , I'm starting to get a little fed up

I can't even look at you straight and stand with my head up 

Will you ever see me as more?

I say holding my heart as if it's sore 

sometimes I look at my shoes and click my heels thinking I'd fall into your arms

but nah it never happens so no need to be alarmed 

I've expressed my feelings in more ways than I can explain

I just hope you feel my vibe one day washing away the deep pain 


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