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Swim captain is his title in the school The pool is known as his second home People always telling him, the fish can’t even out swim him
There once was a woman, with skin like cream and features fair, with eyes of emerald green; with a robust body and fine gold hair.  
One of the Greek Gods is how you may know him, he's the God of the Sea, at the top of the totem. Now that was long ago and far from current day, because if he were here right now he wouldn't want to stay.
Storms and rain race thy heart Chasing typhoons day to day Quickly Poseidon must depart Whirling winds are his prey   Gales slowly whirling around Whistling rushing past his ear
They shout for metal straws And recycle with pride But they don’t see That I will die anyway Reusable water bottles can only do so much  
Potential prom queenBeautiful and readyFriend to the school trophyTrophy girl to an earthquake Potential prom queenBeautiful and readyA week left to goAnd his eyes where they should not be
Living in the coastHe was so "shore" you would comebut only waves camePoseidon tried to wave backbut shyness... was a setback
The beach is full of plastic and muck but he stays there, the protector of the sea He thinks about the work he's done and as he stares he beings to weep All the tests and experiments and inventions he had done he wonders: What is wrong with me? Th
MEDUSA- A modern Interpretation Poem by: The Poetic Truth Productions By Nini   She was innocent But yet she was found guilty   Devoted to making society a better place, 
The Story of Medusa (at college) By Brooklyn Fellner   I have one thing on my mind Medusa The most beautiful, sexy girl that has ever stepped foot on campus
He walks by, tan muscles rippling, His unbrushed hair flows in the ocean breeze. As several girls stride across the sands, giving side glances at the stately figure, the winds pick up- Poseidon sees opportunity in the sea.
Podeidon, king of the sea. Realm of fish, crustacions, and cephalopods, but humans? Nah, not for thee. I offer you lots of fish. But, I have one simple wish. Stop dumping your toxic waste.
Sarpedon couldn't get its head around A woman who wanted to stand her ground After a non-consensual encounter. But Medusa didn't let it discount her For sexuality isn't "corrected."
The mighty Earth Shaker with his fiery temper Could never have imagined How dearly the wondrous oceans would need a mender The seven seas needed help more than he could ever have fathomed  
In New York, above the empire state tower Zeus lays in Olympus Brooding; bored as ever He looks down on the city An idea forms in his mind Rain clouds with intensity pour down on mankind
It is fine workmanship, too be sure.See, there-- look how small the tiles are,How intricately they do capture the detailOf fair Poseidon's face.They call him Earth-Shaker, Rain-God, Cloud-Gatherer.
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