Sun, 03/04/2018 - 01:15 -- Samyie


You're Poseidon in a sky full of Zeuses 

Calm and collected through the storm 

Your patience is admirable 

But a luxury I can't afford 


Like a network I can see 

All the connections in your brain 

You're prideful and strong 

But sensitive and tame 


You go off like a bullet 

Lost in a train of thought 

Passing by all of the stations 

Whilst I wait at the first stop 


I swear there are many galaxies 

Hidden away in your dark eyes 

Bouncing from planets to stars 

From ideas to new states of mind 


Wrap my hair through your fingers 

Remind me what it is to be young 

When life used to be simpler 

Less methodical, less numb 


Capture me in your realm of lights 

To distract me from who I am 

Keep me from the darkness 

From the darkness take me away 


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