Climate Change

One of the Greek Gods is how you may know him, he's the God of the Sea, at the top of the totem. Now that was long ago and far from current day, because if he were here right now he wouldn't want to stay.

The cause of tsunamis, storms, and earthquakes? Oh, I see what's going on, these aren't just mistakes.

The God of the Sea, quite moody, is mad at the human race. It must be the the trash in all of his seas, what a huge disgrace!

Paper straws won't save us now, we've really messed up. No way to glaze over this major hiccup. Our insane pollution doesn't seem to have a solution. Of course Poseidon is upset when no one will pay off this debt. He tried his best to help fix our destruction, but humans screwed up and must face the repercussions.

Poseidon has left us to fend for ourselves.

High tides, hurricanes, and destruction, all because we couldn't follow simple instructions.

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Our world


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