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Dear Covid-19,   First there was social distancing. Don't get any closer to me, please. Please keep at least six feet Between us.   Now is the quarantine. Stay safe. stay clean.
Let me spill happiness on the road leading to your soul like spilled incense from a censer.
  I. Those shadows lingered hesitantly, quivering across the reflection confined in that damned mirror. 
I made you up When I was a lonely kid, You never talked to me But you always listened, When I was crying You’d be there with me,
You were my best friend, Until change suddenly came And took you from me
Green light at the end of my bed. What am I almost dead? Almost thirty to forty thinking about fifty, Maybe will have a heart attack and still feel so empty
I can see you but cannot be with you I can go shopping but i shouldn't cough Oh, those plans you had You'd better put them off Is it really that bad?  dont forget, not to cough
Vibrant and Bright May this color of pink soften you  Pink made of skin. Pink made of salt.  Pink is when red is innocent from pain  Pink, like my cheeks when i write your name 
My child, The little comely baby that never stopped growing in me, Can you endure the life of the other word? Can you be patient enough to grow old? My child, my hope,
That rage was meant to reveal the truth from behind those eyes open wide He was stubborn and stood up for what he believed in Even though he was a man now,his childishness was still a part of him
He looked like an angel sent from above With those sparkling eyes,he seemed the true face of love He was so wild but he had a beating heart His savage way to live was like an only art
He was strong because he was forged in pain Today he ruled because he never stopped when it rained Even though it hurt,he was still holding on Waiting for a day when all that suffering will be gone
Writing out my own words has shown me multitudes within myself.  I used to think finding oneself was a joke.  Until I ripped off the bandage and let me wounds breathe. 
I want to be part of something better, sail skies to unknown paradise while finding love in bones I call my own.
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