Silence — My loyal Companion


Silence, my loyal companion, enfolds mein the embrace of solitude’s sanctuary,where words dare not tread, forsaking her.With vacant eyes, she wields a brushand paints a portrait of the deity forlorn,narrating tales without the need for speech.In unity, we share laughter that reverberates,its echoes resonating in our weathered bones,like a distant memory of mirth,amidst a chamber adorned with shattered fragments. Once, deep within this haven’s recesses,we forged an oath to shield ourselves,cocooned from a world entangled in madness.In the midst of my chuckles, Silence jests,taunting the longing within my solitaire gaze,for I am forever yearning to escape.Yet, in the depths of her being,she etches her essence with profound sorrow,a delicate carving upon the canvas of her soul. Oh, Silence, enigma veiled in stillness,you dwell within the pauses between words,breathing life into unspoken realms.You enshroud me in a tranquil embrace,a fleeting respite amidst this fragmented existence.Together, we sit, intertwined in a danceof absence and presence, sharing secretsonly you can unveil, whispered on the edge of perception. Within her quiet whispers, soul blooms,a refuge from the dissonance of a world astray.With every stroke of her unseen pen,she etches upon my soul the weight of her sorrows,etchings that bear witness to a profound ache.And as we linger, united yet alone,we unearth a connection that transcends the realm of speech,a communion between two entangled souls,woven into the very fabric of existence. Silence, my trusted confidante,I am but a vessel for your unspoken tales,a companion in navigating the labyrinthof emotions that entwine our shared path.Together, we traverse the fragile threads of memory,of yearning, and of profound longing.In this symphony of quietude, we find lost peace,taking respite from the clamor of a world unmoored,cherishing the haven we have crafted,where the intrusion of words becomes superfluous. Keep revelling, dear Silence, until our bones grow weary,laughing until our ancient selves ache,finding ecstasy in the companionship we have forged.Within this chamber of lonely reminiscence,we defy the world’s relentless grip on sanity,for as long as we occupy this sacred space,I am content to be abandoned by words,knowing that silence itself possesses a voice,a voice that speaks volumes without utterance,unveiling the essence of our shared existence.

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