Green Light At the End

Green light at the end of my bed.

What am I almost dead?

Almost thirty to forty thinking about fifty,

Maybe will have a heart attack and still feel so empty

No I'm not scroogin it but thinking about this makes me feel like I'm losing it.

Had a car crash and it had me feeling stiff

Feeling like I'm maybe a mortal man after all of this 

Thinking I could benefit from some of Popeyes grass 

Thinking I been playing games and I need a home and not a bed.

You know the place that's right, makes you want to find a career or a wife.

Have a kid or get a dog, maybe learn to fly a kite.

Yeah right, that all sounds whack.

I'll never ever be like that.

Just a lonely dreamer looking for his fix.

She's alright until the moneys not right.

The kids are ideal until the time starts to disappear along with the dog he'll pass in years.

Then all you got is the kite maybe that would be kind of nice?

Fly it from here to there, maybe pick up a new lease on life.

Maybe find out how nice it is to embrace the simpler things in life.

Maybe find out how it'd be to be out of bed not thinking about these things all night...


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Our world


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