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Now I TRULY BELIEVE That My Poetic Readings... Reflect A ... Voice of Reason... That’s NOT Always Pleasing... But Deals In Straight Speaking... That REJECTS... Deceiving... !!! And The Type of Glass Ceilings...
So ... Is It Wise To ... " Commercialise " ... ?!? Just To Get A Short Lived Prize ... ??? Where's It Got Us ... ? Showing LOVE To YES ... FAKE Thugs ... !?!
Innocence, purity of the heart and soul. Distant from the grasp of reality. Untouched, unharmed, unphased by philosophical question. Who are we?
Blackout Lights off No sign of life   Why are we So scared So terrified Of the Dark?   Because it's silent No breaths No wind No heartbeat No secrets
My heart beats fast, My breath sounds loudly, This is fear, In all it's forms, Fear, Will be your enemy, Gives you wings, Fear, It is such a simple concept, Fear is,
I don’t believe in love, So please don’t love me. It’s more of a dream we wish to grasp But like all else, we don’t possess anything.
Pendulum of Time  As time ticks by, Everything seems to go in slow motion. Days drag on, Every time you hear the tick it’s another second,
People say that life is just a test, But what most don't understand is that life isn't something that is passed or failed, It isn't on paper written in pen or bubbled in with pencil,
Gears spinning wildly Steam coming out of pipes Rattling, Bashing Clashing and Clanging The Machine works wildly Yet all of it in sync
I am a poem without pretense.
The sea of night, a gentle grey
By and by
when you feel like the world warps and looks
The wonder in a little child's eyes Not to be replaced by anything Lost in a swirling oblivion of adulthood and adultery... in a mystifying silence brought unto thee by thoust weeping flower
If a boy sinks to his knees
The Idea of IdeasBy Ariel Randolph Everyone’s opinions around me connects in a way. I, for the longest time, could not label. Up until now, I knew that the peoplewho are young minded and free spirited, or just have that something about them that g
“There is no honor amongst thieves even less with trailer-park debutantes”
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