The Every Day Gamble

People say that life is just a test,
But what most don't understand is that life isn't something that is passed or failed,
It isn't on paper written in pen or bubbled in with pencil,
The fact of the matter is life is more of game that can't be restarted,
Filled with options, opportunities, and an amazing amount of chance,
The game is nothing but a serious gamble,
This doesn't mean you should be scared to lose,
It just means keep a straight face and don't flinch,
There are many types of gamblers the cheats, the folders, the chancers, the all ins, and the bluffers,
The cheats will stack the deck and play people for fools,
But as soon as the cards don't go there way they got more up there sleeve,
The only flaw that the have is a paranoia of being caught,
And still lose even when they cheat ,
For what the gain they lose in sanity,
The folders are timid,
They give up to soon but they are forgotten at the table,
Which causes people to focus on bigger threats,
The man or female who folds every time is in sight but out of mind,
They wait for the perfect hand so they can go all in,
But when the cards don't come the leave the table without winning or losing anything,
The chancers they are different they genuinely are sometimes the best and worst player at the table,
They are willing to gamble on any hand,
Mainly because they truly believe they can't lose,
This insane amount of over confidence usually leads to their downfall,
But this confidence is a double edged sword as it can ruin it can revive,
For even when the chancer is down he is liable to turn it around and win the game all together,
This makes chancers threatening and causes them lots of ridicule,
But they just keep playing the game with no worries,
The all ins,
They are the most aggressive of all the players at the table,
They don't wait for cards they mean mug you and go all in,
The one word that describes them best is bomber,
They attack every player as if each play could be their last play at the table,
But this comes with losses and they pay with leaving the table when they could clean house and own the table,
This leads to a possibility of them never returning to the table,
The bluffers these are the most successful of all the players,
These individuals take the hands and stretch them as far as they go,
The player has a calm but serious complexion during play,
The hands that are good he bets low and plays them down so he can win big,
The opposite is for the bad hand where he bets high and keeps serious face to scar the players at the table,
In the end though he's just like the rest of the players he loses at some point,
But unlike the rest he stays at the table the longest and gets more opportunities to play more hands and come away on top,
Each gambler has there strengths and weaknesses but all fall back on there hand when the cards come there way,
The only thing is each player plays the game their own way and most won't change the way they play,
But this is what makes life mysterious,
You never know what type of players you'll meat at the table,
But the tragedy is that someone must win and someone must lose,
Even though I say life is like a gamble it doesn't truly make it a game,
For the stakes at the table isn't just chip and money its everything in life.

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